Our Team
A diverse knowledge base and a diverse team are the backbone of a successful builder. Shinui looks beyond our borders to secure the best products, methods and team for your project. 
General Partner

A serial entrepreneur, Bales sits on a number of boards for several top global companies.  Bales is an architect and financier with a hands on approach. Bales has a background in Architecture, finance and development.  A serial entrepreneur, manager and inventor, Bales has developed some of the top projects in the markets he has worked in. 



Lead Architect & CG

Marco Garcia is an architect with international expertise in the fields of architecture, interior, retail and landscape.

He has developed numerous projects throughout the world, from Denmark to Australia, Canada and the US, for the past 10 years. He has taken pride in problem solving through clean and elegant forms with innovated materials and structures. His approach to designs are rich in aesthetic values to the functional role of each project in any persistent scenario.

Marco is lead architect, BIM Cad specialist and CG Artist. Responsible for all housing, mix use architectural building design projects. With his vast knowledge in 3D arts he complements all required essence for great communication results. 


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